The digital bridge that links SMBs with their potential market
Aiqoo’s superior technology, AI algorithms and integrative user platform provide businesses with laser-focused leads that drastically increase closing rates and revenue

AIQOO’s Technology

Three interconnected systems synchronized and managed by a central Omni AI

The AI algorithm is the vital axis around which AIQOO's ecosystem revolves

Seamless synchronization
This crucial element seamlessly connects, manages and synchronizes all three of AIQOO's systems while constantly learning and optimizing.

Processing power
AIQOO's AI collects and computes millions of distinct data points in real time, thereby allowing AIQOO to manage millions of key processes that even with tremendous manpower would be unattainable.

Big Data
AIQOO utilizes the enormous amounts of data it collects from its leads, the SMBs and the multitude of interactions to precisely analyze verticals and sub-verticals. The insights gained from this data are used to create laser-focused leads for the benefit of both AIQOO and the SMBs.

Quantum Management System
AIQOO's Quantum Management System (QMS) creates and manages a myriad of content and campaigns anywhere in the world, simultaneously

Automatic content creation
Rapidly and accurately creates and customizes articles and ads according to locations, interests and opportunities - with a single click.

Automatic campaign launcher
Generates multiple campaigns on all digital platforms including Google, Taboola, Outbrain and Facebook.

Dynamic funnels and landing pages
These are groundbreaking AI-driven interactions with users that show and offer them exactly what they need when they need it.

Campaign Optimizer
The Campaign Optimizer automatically increases campaign efficiency to a previously unattainable level

Extraordinary conversion rates
AIQOO's optimizer automatically adjusts hundreds of variables including bids, landing pages, ads, keywords, headings and images, creating the highest conversion rates while drastically lowering marketing costs.

Laser-focused leads
The optimizer’s algorithm adjusts campaigns to create the perfect lead for each SMB in order to vastly increase their deal closing rates and revenue.

AIQOO's launchpad platform for rapid market penetration

AIQOO's low-touch lead acquisition platform that allows SMBs to purchase leads according to individual needs, demand and budget.

Provides SMBs with a powerful CRM that offers functions such as lead management processes, agent management, scheduling, notifications, lead assignment, reports, statistics and analytics.

Data loop
The LeadMart plays a pivotal role by collecting and analyzing lead data from the SMBs that it then transfers to AIQOO’s Omni AI to continually improve lead quality and the SMBs’ ROI.

AIQOO’s Clear-Cut Advantages

Scale To Growth

Laser-focused Leads

AIQOO engages audiences across a multitude of media platforms and channels them through dynamic funnels and landing pages.

AIQOO’s systems assess and verify over 25 vital criteria such as location, age, gender and interests to perfectly match end-users with the ideal service provider.

Scale To Growth

Lead Management System

AIQOO's launchpad lead acquisition and management platform empowers SMBs to purchase and manage leads according to individual needs, demand and budget.

By collecting and analyzing lead data from the SMBs, AIQOO’s Omni AI continually improves lead quality and the SMBs’ lead-to-sale conversion rates.

Scale To Growth

AI + Big Data

AIQOO utilizes the enormous amounts of data it collects from its leads, the SMBs and the multitude of interactions across various verticals and sub-verticals.

AIQOO's AI computes the millions of distinct data points in real time, thereby allowing AIQOO to manage and optimize millions of key processes.

An Ever-Growing Divide

The digital revolution has torn an ever-growing divide between SMBs and their potential customers.

As the divide grows wider, SMBs struggle to compete with large companies and to create an online presence that can keep pace with consumers' ever-growing reliance on digital channels to find vendors.


AIQOO was founded in 2017 with the mission of bridging that divide by utilizing innovative technology to connect businesses with the customers that are in need of their services.

Today, AIQOO’s team of technology, media, creative, analytics and operations specialists utilizes a combination of superior targeting technology, AI algorithms and an integrative user platform to provide SMBs with laser-focused leads and a powerful lead management system that markedly increases lead-to-sale conversion rates, thereby allowing businesses to grow to their full potential.

AIQOO’s AI - Inside View

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Our Team

Adir Dayan
Founder & CEO
Creator of the AIQOO concept with over 13 years of experience as a master of sales and marketing. A creative genius, with extensive experience building and managing the Insurance & Finance Experts Center, a leading, technologically innovative company in the insurance industry. Consultant to telecom companies worldwide.
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Amir Tal
Founder & CMO
Aiqoo’s marketing mastermind. A digital marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in online marketing. Former founder of I.S.P., a leading media company that pioneered real-time stock quotes on cell phones. The company's successes were highlighted by its exit in 2007.
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Arie Ofir
Founder & Chairman
Graduated with honors from Shaarei Mishpat with a degree in law. An accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in building and leading companies across several verticals. Founder, partner and former CEO of the Insurance & Finance Experts Centre – Israel's leading insurance brokerage.
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Moshe Habas
Leading technology officer of an elite military unit. Over 10 years of experience successfully overseeing the completion of hundreds of unique projects as co-founder and CTO of Appgate, a leading software development company. Technology consultant to a variety of tech companies.
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Gabor Koltai
Gabor Koltai
VP Investor Relations
Over 20 years of experience in business development and leveraging contacts to forge strategic relationships, and raising capital in the private equity and pre-IPO cannabis and technology sectors. Gabor has a BBA from the Schulich School of Business.
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Liat Gamliel
Liat Gamliel
Liat brings 14 years of financial management in the hi-tech and manufacturing industries. Liat served as CFO of the IOT company, BT9 Ltd. Prior to that Liat was the controller of StePac LA Ltd. Liat is a CPA, holds an MA in Accounting from Bar Ilan University and a BA in Business Administration.
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Dana Borderes
Dana Borderes
Product Manager
Dana brings 25 years of experience in the development of new and innovative products, marketing and operations management for various international Israeli and American based companies such as Novamedical and IMAR entertainment. Dana has a BA from Tel Aviv University.
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