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The best way to maximize revenue by getting paid for the real value of your leads!

Become a Seller
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Seamlessly Grow Your Business

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Get Access to Buyers Nationwide

Unlock new opportunities by expanding your target audience nationwide and across all home service categories.

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Manage Your Campaigns Smarter

Get a live heat mapping of the demand for home services leads across locations and categories. Know exactly where it is profitable to generate leads based on a live demand provided by pros.

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Choose Your Own Pricing

Set your requested price per each lead you sell. Before posting a lead to the Marketplace we’ll give you a price recommendation based on live demand rates. After posting a lead, we’ll notify you in case demand rates changes to ensure you maximize your revenues.

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Powerful Ways to Connect

Ping Post

We collect live on-demand campaign requests for home pros nationwide across all service categories.

Connect through API and sell your leads on a ping post model to increase your targeted audience and ensure you maximize your revenue.

When posting a lead on a ping post model you send us the meta data of a lead and your requested price. Within a few minutes we notify you if there is a match to buyers. In case there is, you’ll post all the lead info to AIQOO.

In case there is no match with buyers, we’ll provide you with recommendations on how to maximize your sales rate.

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Direct Post

Generate home services leads and sell those through AIQOO Marketplace on a direct post/insertion order model.

Choose you requested price per lead in a specific category and location and start delivering leads easily.

To ensure you maximize your sales revenue, we’ll help you to set a price that best reflects your leads quality and help you unlock new business opportunities.

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Get a Free Website

New to home services?

Let us help you to start easily!

Our teams of experts will help you analyse the best verticals to start with and provide you with full access to AIQOO’s landing pages, marketing funnels and relevant materials to help you earn money right from the start.

Need a website? No problem. Join AIQOO as a seller and get a website to start promoting your lead-gen activities!

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Access Marketing Resources

Get free access to our landing pages and marketing materials to start generating leads faster.
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Start Earning More With AIQOO

Become a Seller
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